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Power Rangers 2 in Talks

Dan Israelite has been doing press for the Power Rangers Blu-Ray release. In an interview with Screen Rant he revealed that there are talks of making a sequel to the movie. Here’s what he had to say:

“I hope so. It’s obviously not up to me, but I know the studio (Lionsgate) and Saban are talking in earnest about it, and are trying to push forward. They’re having a discussion.”

Reports came out that Lionsgate and Sabah were planning a six movie franchise with the Rangers. Everybody put this down after the less than satisfying box office results came in. However, certain outlets say that a sequel can still happen from toy sales.

Image via Lionsgate

I really enjoyed Power Ranger. Being a fan of the Mighty Morphin’ show, it was really satisfying to see a retellinv of that story. It was by no means a great film, but it was action, popcorn fun. So, I would really like for thereto he a sequel to the movie. Other articles say that Lord Zedd could be a potential villain for the movie. This could be really good, as long as he has more personality than Goldar had in the movie.

Do you want a Power Rangers sequel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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