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‘The Batman’ Gets New Director Frontrunner, Script Rewrite, and Possible 2019 Release Date

After the disappointing news that Ben Affleck would not be directing the solo Batman film, we have been waiting for a director announcement. Recently, we got a shortlist of directors to take over to helm the film. Now we have a possible front runner, complete rewrite, and possible release date.

Forbes is reporting that Matt Reeves might be the front runner for the film.

“Warner Bros. is already speaking to several filmmakers about taking over in the director’s chair — including one of my personal longtime favorites to direct a Batman movie, Matt Reeves, who seems to be the frontrunner — and word is the project will essentially get a fresh start once a new creative team has been put together.”

They also. Say that the script could get a complete rewrite.

“That the script would need more rewrites, particularly with a new director joining the picture, was a given. How extensive the process will be — I’m hearing anything from “major rewrites” to “a completely new script,” including starting from scratch on the story if that’s what it takes — is unclear, not just to us but probably to those involved as well, since the new filmmaker might look at the story and script and decide there’s plenty to salvage that appeals to them. Once the director is in place, more will become clear, but for now Warner Bros. is suffering far more negative perceptions than they need to, simply because of the attempt to slow and control the spread of information.”

Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is aiming for a release date of 2019.

“There’s more than enough talent involved and available to do this, and since we’re likely looking at a release date in 2019 anyway (assuming things get on track now and there aren’t further major delays), there’s no need to rush it. They can spend the next year and several months letting the creative team focus on finding a story and writing a script for The Batman, and still have another year and several months to shoot it and get it ready for release by July 2019.”

This just shows,again, that DC doesn’t know what they’re doing. All these rewrites aren’t good news, this is the second movie in the DCEU to get a complete rewrite. (assuming it is getting one) They’re making these plans then constantly redoing and changing them. I’ve actually lost count of the amount of changes that have been made to the DCEU.

Image via Warner Bros.

It’s so hard to have hope at this point, Ben Affleck’s Batman was the me thing that we could all rely on to have hope for this franchise. We already heard that Ben Affleck dropped as director, but now his script is getting rewrites completely. It’s like every hope I have for the property is being put down by all these decisions.

Matt Reeves as a director is cool. I just hope they have some plan for him and what they want him to do. And the release date is so far. For something that went in to production a little less than a year ago, it sure has taken a while for filming to start. 

Image via Warner Bros.

I just can’t get on track for this movie. I keep having little silver linings, but Warner Bros. keeps shooting all hopes down. 

This shows how important Wonder Woman and Justice League are. If those fail financially and critically, the. I think the franchise should just end and I think it will. If they are good however, that will get me back in board to a certain extent.

I don’t like being negative, I want to hear good news about these movies, but if you look back, nothing pans out well.

What do you think of the news? Are you scared? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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