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Chris Terrio Rewrites The Batman Script

Monday, we received the unfortunate news that Ben Affleck will not be directing the solo Batman film. We then thought that he would stay on as star, producer, and writer. We might be slightly wrong about that.

Deadline reports that Chris Terrio has turned in a rewrite for the solo Batman script that Ben Affleck and president/ Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, Geoff Johns. 
Chris Terrio has two major credits under his belt: Argo and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He will also write the upcoming Justice League movie this fall. Terrio won an Oscar for best writing, adapted screenplay for Argo, but Batman v Superman‘s main problem was the messy screenplay. Despite that, I am still on board with this. 

Image courtesy Warner Bros.

So, we all know that the problem with Batman v Superman was that they tried to cram too much in one movie. But, I think that Warner Brothers should take the blame for that. They decided to make one movie to set up Justice League, so they would then have to tell Chris Terrio to add all these things into one movie. You can only do so much with that.

The other thing is the Oscar. I honestly haven’t seen Argo yet (I actually have the blu-ray to watch soon) but I’ve heard great things. He won an Oscar, so clearly he has some talent, they don’t just hand those out. That’s why I think it was Warner Brothers that had Terrio add all those things into one movie. I don’t think a writer who has an Oscar would turn in work that messy by choice. 

That’s not to say that I didn’t want Ben Affleck to write the script, I would actually rather have that because he has proven to be a better writer. Chris Terrio only has two major movies in his filmography while Ben Affleck also has a best writing Oscar, and even more movies. I really wanted to see his take on The Batman.

Image courtesy Warner Bros.

Lastly, the scary thing is that someone had to rewrite it. Ben Affleck previously said that he would only direct it if the script turned out right. Look what happened. That part of this scares me. Why would you need a rewrite if the script was good to begin with? So, I don’t know why there was a rewrite, but the facts add up to that reason.

As far as Chris Terrio writing, I’m cautiously optimistic that the movie will turn out good, but things aren’t adding up too positively.

What do you think about the script rewrite? Leave your thoughts in the comments 


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