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Black Manta and Queen Atlanna Have Been Cast in Aquaman

Following the news that Ben Affleck is no longer directing the solo Batman project, we finally have some good news that the Aquaman cast has some new additions.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Yahya Adbul-Mateen II (The Get Down) is in early talks to play the villain Black Manta in the solo Aquaman movie. It looks like James Wan and the studio have been looking for an actor for the role, but they’ve settled on Abdul-Mateen. It is also reported that Nicole Kidman is also in early talks to play Aquaman’s mother, Queen Atlanna. Jason Momoa is starting as the title hero, Aquaman. Amber Heard will play love interest, Mera. Willem Dafoe will play Nuidis Vulko. And, Patrick Wilson will play Orm Marius, or Ocean Master.

I don’t know much about Aquaman, I haven’t really read his comics. I did some research on Black Manta. His original origin was that he was a boy who was kidnapped on a ship, abuses by his captors, and Aquaman ignored him. So, he hated him and rose to power to defeat him. In the New 52 version, Aquaman accidentally kills Black Manta’s father, so that creates tension between the two of them.

Atlanna was a scientist who survived the sinking of Atlantis by a serum she created. She then met Thomas Curry, a human, and they had a baby and Thomas named him Arthur, who then became Aquaman. This news sounds good to me. I haven’t seen The Get Down, but I’m fine with his casting. Nicole Kidman is exciting. It’ll be fun to see her return to DC from one of the worst comic book movies of all time, Batman Forever.

Do you like the casting? Do you have any concerns? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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