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Black Manta and Queen Atlanna Have Been Cast in Aquaman

Following the news that Ben Affleck is no longer directing the solo Batman project, we finally have some good news that the Aquaman cast has some new additions.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Yahya Adbul-Mateen II (The Get Down) is in early talks to play the villain Black Manta in the solo Aquaman movie. It looks like James Wan and the studio have been looking for an actor for the role, but they’ve settled on Abdul-Mateen. It is also reported that Nicole Kidman is also in early talks to play Aquaman’s mother, Queen Atlanna. Jason Momoa is starting as the title hero, Aquaman. Amber Heard will play love interest, Mera. Willem Dafoe will play Nuidis Vulko. And, Patrick Wilson will play Orm Marius, or Ocean Master.

I don’t know much about Aquaman, I haven’t really read his comics. I did some research on Black Manta. His original origin was that he was a boy who was kidnapped on a ship, abuses by his captors, and Aquaman ignored him. So, he hated him and rose to power to defeat him. In the New 52 version, Aquaman accidentally kills Black Manta’s father, so that creates tension between the two of them.

Atlanna was a scientist who survived the sinking of Atlantis by a serum she created. She then met Thomas Curry, a human, and they had a baby and Thomas named him Arthur, who then became Aquaman. This news sounds good to me. I haven’t seen The Get Down, but I’m fine with his casting. Nicole Kidman is exciting. It’ll be fun to see her return to DC from one of the worst comic book movies of all time, Batman Forever.

Do you like the casting? Do you have any concerns? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Why The DCEU Might Be In Trouble

With the recent news that Ben Affleck will not be directing the solo Batman movie, I thought that it was time to discuss my personal thought on the direction of the DCEU. As far as my thoughts on the movies so far, I really liked Man of Steel. I think it’s the best Superman movie so far. I enjoyed Batman v Superman, but it has problems. And I’m not a fan of Suicide Squad.

I love comic books. DC has the best comic books out right now, they literally started the fad that we now know today. Batman and Superman are the definitive superheroes. I’m not a DC fan boy specifically because I also love Marvel. (But I might like DC characters a little bit more) All I want are great comic book movies from all studios whether it’s DC, Marvel, Sony, or Fox. So, don’t take what I’m about to say as me hating on DC. I love DC and Marvel.

Image courtesy Warner Bros.
The DCEU started with Man of Steel, which was a great standalone comic book movie, in my opinion. Then a year later they decide to create an entire comic book universe around this movie, which isn’t a bad idea. It can be done. But it was the way that the 5 year slate was done. If you don’t know it, then here’s a link. They decided to make Batman v Superman before a solo Batman film. Or Wonder Woman. And then they decide to make Justice League before solo Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. That can be done, but it just isn’t the best direction to go. The reason The Avengers worked so well was because we had seen these characters in separate movies, and we finally were seeing them team up for the first time. It was powerful to see these characters team up and it was so awesome.

The reason I’m starting to lose faith in the DCEU is because Warner Bros. keeps making these rash decisions. It shows that they have no plan and they don’t know what they’re doing. The Flash movie has gone through three different directors, and it’s going through a complete rewrite right now. They keep making impulse decisions like David Ayer directing a Gotham City Sirens movie, Shazam being split into two movies,and  Justice League being pushed to make room for Batman.

I might be OK with this if they had a great track record so far, but they don’t. If Marvel were to make a decision like one of these, within reason, I wouldn’t be as scared. Because, Marvel makes one slate, and they stick with that and don’t adjust as they go along. They could announce a solo Black Widow movie, but they haven’t because they have a plan, and they are confident with it. Also, we trust them because they simply make really good movies. Out of the 14 movies so far, in my opinion, only 2 have been bad. Again, I don’t think that one studio is better than the other, one just makes better movies.

Image courtesy Warner Bros.
In the end, I just think that since DC’s last two movies haven’t been that good, and they keep making these impulse decisions. It seems like they don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t have a plan. Justice League is my last hope for the DCEU. If that and Wonder Woman don’t work out, then I’m done. I know it seems like I’m super negative towards the DCEU, but I’m actually hopeful for it. All I want is to be able to go to the theater and watch a great movie based on great characters. I really hope I’m wrong about this.

What do you think about the direction of the DCEU? Are you concerned, or are you still on board? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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Antoine Fuqua Leaves Scarface Remake

Antoine Fuqua has directed a movie every year since 2013. Apparently his schedule got too crowded for the upcoming Scarface remake.

The second remake of the 1932 film, Scarface, has Terence Winter writing, who wrote The Wolf of Wall Street. It would take place in Los Angles and star Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) as a Mexican immigrant.

Variety has reported that Antoine Fuqua can’t film Scarface in the Spring because of him directing a sequel to The Equalizer. This now means that Universal is looking for a director to take on the Scarface remake.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen any of the Scarface movies or The Equalizer, but they are on my watch list. But, I have seen The Magnificent Seven and Training Day, so that’s my knowledge on Antoine Fuqua. I do really like both of those movies. The remake seems to be going in a good direction, they have a great writer and Diego Luna was one of the best performances in Rogue One, in my opinion. Also, based on his work on The Magnificent Seven Fuqua is really good at making a fun action movie, which is what I’ve heard The Equalizer is. So, this news doesn’t really affect me and I will be getting around to seeing those two movies.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I would like to hear the thoughts of someone who knows more about this than me.

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Official: Ben Affleck Will No Longer Direct The Solo Batman Film

Ben Affleck will no longer direct the solo Batman film.

An exclusive report from Variety has confirmed that Ben Affleck has stepped down as director of the solo Batman film. But he will remain the star and producer of the film. He released the following statement.

“There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions. Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require. Together with the studio, I have decided to find a partner in a director who will collaborate with me on this massive film. I am still in this, and we are making it, but we are currently looking for a director. I remain extremely committed to this project, and look forward to bringing this to life for fans around the world.”

Warner Bros. has said that they “fully support Affleck’s decision and remain committed to bringing a standalone Batman picture to light.”

Image result for ben affleck batman

Personally, I am a little disappointed. Ben Affleck was my only true hope for the DCEU. I enjoyed Batman v. Superman for what it was and Ben Affleck was great in it, but that film clearly had some problems. And the first time I saw Suicide Squad I liked it, but when I bought the blu-ray I realized that it had a lot of problems. I was really looking forward to Affleck’s take on The Batman because he is my favorite comic book character.

Now, Affleck has had some previous statements about not doing it if it doesn’t turn out right. In his statement he says that he’s dropping because “he cannot do both jobs to the level they require”. This means either two things. 1. He just can’t handle the pressure of directing a movie of this scale. Which is totally understandable since he usually directs smaller projects. Or 2. He didn’t agree with the studio. Which is what scares me.

The only thing in his statement that hints at this is when he says “To the level they require”. But, based on the DCEU’s track record so far, if the studio doesn’t agree with Ben Affleck, who is a great director, there is a problem. All I want is a great Batman movie. Christopher Nolan revitalized the character from the bat-nips, Joel Schumacher era. I understand that’s a tough act to follow, but it’s the fact that we had a great director/writer, Ben Affleck, and he is no longer doing it.

I do still have some hope for Wonder Woman. It looks really good, but then again Batman v Superman was, in my opinion, the best trailer of 2015. But, I’m still very optimistic. Also, we could still get a great director and writer to take over. I haven’t lost all faith in the project, but this just worries me that we might not get a great Batman film.

I’ll leave it on a positive note. Ben Affleck was, hands down, the best part of Batman v Superman. He will still star in and produce the film, which I hope means that he still thinks that it’s going in a good direction. We will have to wait for a new director announcement, and then that will decide how I feel about this news.

What do you think about this news? Put your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll be reading them.

Ben Affleck will star in Justice League releasing on November 17, 2017.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Character Potentially in Avengers: Infinity War

Apparently, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 character, Mantis, could be in Avengers: Infinity War.

Pom Klementieff, who will be playing the character of Mantis in Guardians, posted a photo on her Instagram with her wearing a hat with an Infinity War logo on it.

Now, this doesn’t confirm her appearance in the film, but it really does hint at it! We haven’t seen Guardians 2 yes, but if her role in that is somewhat significant, then it’ll be clear that she’ll be in the film. In the comics, Mantis helps a former villain, the Swordsman, gain self-respect and join the Avengers. Then she becomes a member because of that.

Mantis is said to be a “social newbie” in the movie, being that she’s had no social experience.

Avengers: Infinity War is filming in Scotland and releasing on May 4, 2018.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set for release on May 5, 2017.


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Han Solo Movie Co-Director Chris Miller Shares First Set Photo and Begins Principal Photography

We’ve been getting a lot of Star Wars news lately, the biggest being the announcement of the Episode VIII title The Last Jedi. We’ve known that we will be getting a Han Solo spin-off movie taking place before A New Hope. And also we know Alden Ehrenreich is playing Han Solo, Donald Glover will take on the role of Lando Calrissian, Woody Harrelson as Han’s mentor, and Emilia Clarke in an unspecified role.

Chris Miller, who will helm the film as director, tweeted out the following image this morning.

Image via Chris Miller’s Twitter
He tweeted it with the caption: “Han First Shot” 

It’s great to hear that the film is finally moving forward in production.Also, it’s good to hear that they all know that Han shot first (NOT GREEDO) and they are going back to Han’s old smuggling days.

We don’t really know much about the plot of the movie. We don’t even know who Emilia Clarke is playing. Also, we have no idea what the direction of this film is. But, Miller and Lord have taken an idea that never should have worked,  The Lego Movie, and made a extremely fun movie out of it. The cinematographer of the film, Bradford Young, has said that the movie will be “dirty sci-fi” , “unexpected”, and “dramatic”.

The untitled Han Solo spin-off movie is slated for release in 2018.

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Split: Movie Review

      M. Night Shyamalan started with a bang when he released The Sixth Sense, and then kept the ball rolling with Unbreakable and Signs. Then The Village happened … and Lady in the Water … and The Happening, … and The Last Airbender and After Earth. But then he made The Village and we got a hint that he was back. Split guarantees that Shyamalan is finally back to what he’s good at.

     Split is a psychological thriller about a man with dissociative identity disorder (James McAvoy) who has 23 different personalities. He kidnaps three girls (Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, and Jessica Sula) and they just escape before a 24th personality comes out.

I have to start with this: James McAvoy gives the best performance of his career in this movie. And I’m a huge X-Men fan. You really feel that each person is a different personality. The most minute things he does like posture, facial expressions, and accents really shape the character. He goes all the way to create this disturbing, sinister character.

Anya Taylor-Joy, who was great in The Witch, also gives a great performance as Casey. She does a very good job of giving off this sense that there is more to her character than she is letting on. She is a new talent to watch out for in the future. As for the supporting characters, Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula, they do a fine job. The problem is that whenever they are on screen they are playing off of Anya Taylor-Joy or James McAvoy and they get overshadowed, but they definitely do not give bad performances.

The movie is very well shot and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat focusing on every frame. It has a very tense and contained feel in the scenes with the three girls. However, the film has scenes where it goes to flashbacks with Casey as a little girl and McAvoy’s therapy sessions with Dr. Karen Fletcher played by Betty Buckley. The flashbacks felt forced but, without spoiling anything, they might pay off in the long run. Some of the therapy sessions were interesting, but others, especially one with e Skype call, just were a little unnecessary.

One last thing, the score in this movie by West Dylan Anderson is so subtle that you forget that it’s there, but it adds a whole new layer to the film.

In the end, Split is a very fun movie and I really recommend that you see it if you haven’t already. Shyamalan is finally back to his roots.

Rating: A

Split is rated PG-13.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Starring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, and Jessica Sula.